About Us

We are two full-time moms who decided to open up a small shop during COVID.

We really thought about our shop and the ways in which we want to be different. For one, we know we don’t want to be a shop that simply sells various products that are trending. Instead we want to convey a message through our products, social media pages, website and storefront.

That message is, “Make it simple but significant”.

This has been a ringing message and goal for myself (Grace) and my business partner (also Grace). It is a major work in progress to be honest but we thought it would only be appropriate for this goal to seep into our business also. Rather than contributing to passing trends and fast fashion we want to invest ourselves in simple meaningful projects that we feel proud to bring into our own families. Whether we collaborate with a new vendor or buy products overseas or make a project ourselves, the quote “make it simple but significant” will be the filter through which we make all our decisions. We want to help simplify all the stuff we have so we can make room for what’s important in life.

We will have lots of behind the scence videos on our Instagram stories to share the progress and journey we are taking and show that we are real people nervous and excited about opening a little baby shop in a community we are pretty stoked about. We hope you will join along and add to our conversations.